Parenting by Connection Booklet Set + Bonus Material - Digital Files

Ideal for parents of young children or anyone new to Parenting by Connection.

"I can't thank you enough! These ideas have transformed my way of parenting and my whole family. They are wise and kind and easy to put to use immediately. Parenting is so much easier!"  ~ Stephanie Maher, N.C.

You'll get an overview of the science behind the approach, practical examples, and immediate steps to transform your parenting.

These booklets help you crack the code of children's emotions. After reading this complete set, you'll understand:

  •     Common causes and triggers for "off-track" behavior
  •     Why children crave connection—and limits
  •     How to set effective limits
  •     Why conventional discipline methods don't work for long
  •     How to handle your own emotional moments

What you'll get

  • How Children's Emotions Work
  • Special Time
  • Playlistening
  • Crying
  • Tantrums and Indignation
  • Healing Children's Fears
  • Reaching for Your Angry Child
  • Bonus: Setting Limits
  • Bonus: Listening Partnerships for Parents


how children's emotions work

Your child has a vital need to connect with you. This booklet helps you understand your child's emotional life, and how you can best fill his needs.


special time

Learn how to use small amounts of time to build connection, warmth, and cooperation with your child. Even five minutes can have a positive impact.



Learn the art of taking the less powerful role to promote healing laughter. Playlistening helps your child tackle challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.



Learn the vital role crying plays in children's communication. Instead of trying to "fix" the tears, you can experience an opportunity for connection as you build flexibility and resilience in your child.


tantrums & indignation

Partner with your child to move through emotional moments into more loving, connected, and compassionate interactions.


healing children's fears

Help your child face frightening situations. This booklet shares powerful tools to reduce stress and off-track behavior as you help your child feel more secure.


reaching for your angry child

Anger can be a challenging emotion! You can learn to connect with your child in the face of anger or upset. Learn how to build relationships that will sustain you and your child for a lifetime.


bonus: setting limits with young children

What do you do when your child acts out? How do you tell a child "No" without triggering a power struggle? Parenting by Connection shows you how setting limits can be a real gift for your child. This booklet teaches you to:

  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Interact with both warmth and authority
  • Create cooperation and closeness


    bonus: listening partnerships for parents

    Parents know that there's no better way to make their children feel safe and loved than listening to them. But listening takes work and patience. When you have a listening partner of your own, you can offload stressful emotions, brainstorm solutions, and get back to being the parent you want to be.


    in listening partnerships for parents, you'll learn how to:

    • Listen well, and use the attention of a listener
    • Work through the upsets that make parenting difficult
    • Identify the origins of the emotions you experience daily
    • Restore your reserve of patience and presence

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