Staying Close to Your Tween

Is navigating the "tween" years making you feel like you might be lost at sea?
  • Are you starting to see some new ‘attitude’ or feeling your child withdraw or suddenly blow up?

  • Have you been wondering how to use the Hand in Hand tools as your young one turns into a tween?

  • What does it look like to set healthy limits with a tween?

Hand in Hand Parenting Founder, Patty Wipfler, is at work right now developing our first class for parents of preteens. It will have all the trusted and proven parenting tools of our existing classes, and it will show you how to apply them to new challenges in your parenting, like dealing with "attitude" or seeing your child withdraw from family life.


And you can be part of the process of making this class a success and a true support for parenting older kids and preteens.

The official class won't be available until January, but you can pre-purchase yours today and you'll not only be the first to receive the final class, but you'll be invited to special live events with Patty during the development phases. She'll answer your questions and take your input to be sure she is including solutions to your day-to-day parenting issues in this new program.

You'll also receive a special discount code that allows you to purchase the Hand in Hand class that helps reduce the stress of parenting, Building a Listening Partnership, for just $5. (Regular price, $89.)

Our research based approach is trusted by over a million parents worldwide
Price $39.00

This class is intended for parents of 9 to 13 year-olds, but other parents are welcome.

Hand in Hand's online classes are excellent at supporting parents through the emotional burdens of parenting in many situations. However, we do not advise parents on issues such as drug addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, diagnosis of severe psychiatric disorder in children, child abuse, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and/or allegations of abuse or assault. In some cases, we may be able to recommend therapists familiar with the Hand in Hand approach to help with issues like these.

Our research based approach is trusted by over a million parents worldwide
price $39.00